Christina Kiselyova | Обо мне
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Facts about me

My name is Christina. I’m a visagist and wedding stylist based in Vienna, Austria. I love both my work and my wonderful clients, creating bright and vibrant emotional imagery working in my cooperative and creative team. I’m happy to work in photoshoots and understand very well how the resulting piece will look on camera. It is with pleasure that I would organise your wedding morning, making sure it is enjoyable and stress-free. I also give master classes, sharing my extensive knowledge and experience along with some trade secrets!

I always look forward to collaboration and creative projects. I also often work at the homes of clients, and am very excited to do so as this allows me to explore new places within my work.

If you like my portfolio, please call and let me know what I can do for you!


false eyelashes


bobby pins


words of thanks


wedding photographs

 About my work process

Throughout the application of makeup only professional brands are utilised, such as MAC, Make-UP Forever, Atelier and Dinar, mascara is applied purely by one-use brushes. Singularly disinfected instruments are used in the correction and smoothing of facial tone, with HD components. This allows for the long-wear of the maquillage, no matter what the weather and colour corrections in photo shoots, which allows for minimal changes in post-op and to achieve the most lifelike and natural photo of you! The creation of hairstyles is done with the use of professional agents and instruments, which lowers the risk of harming hair and encourages the adhesivity of decorative pieces and allows for strength and form of your hairstyle!






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